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Hello dear shop owners!

Christmas is slowly but surely nearing, now is the time to do the final Christmas shoppings fore your lovely stores!

Illu-ster will be closed from 29 november to 6 december to visit London in Christmas time, I can't wait and have a few fabulous stationery stores for inspiration on my list. If you have any tips, please let me know!

After my London trip I will ship the last orders on monday 18 december. Be sure to order your last shoppings far before so I have time to process them. Thanks in advance!

New products

Studio updates
This month a lovely Christmas Elf named Elvira has joined me in the studio. She will be helping me out with all kinds of chores once a week, and she is doing a wonderful job! 

Last newsletter I mentioned that I invested in an oven for my mugs, and it works perfect! But it was not enough to relieve me from my endless mug baking activities, so I decided to take it one step further. A good part of the production of mugs will be outsourced in the near future, I finally found a trustworthy partner in a small but very professional printing service and we are in the process of test-printing.

Website updates
From januari 2024 the prizes in the webshop wil be shown ex. BTW, this is to prevent confusion and to maintain unity between Orderchamp and my own website​.

Furthermore, if you surf to tote bags you will find that there are now two options to choose from, folded or unfolded. I used to deliver my totes folded with a wrap. I never got any complaints from you, but I noticed on pictures of your shops that you like to hang them to show the picture and that the bags shows the creases of the fold. Now you can choose for example one unfolded as a showmodel and the rest folded. Or just unfolded, whatever suits you best.

And last but not least: Illu-wholesale has a NEWS BLOG page now, where you can read back the newsletters and where I intent to post interesting articles. 

Orderchamp updates
At Orderchamp I set a higher order minimum, due to extremely high shipping costs on small orders to some countries. But from 15-26 november you can benefit from low minimums.

If you are not yet affiliated with Orderchamp, I have a nice link for you to register as a reseller: ORDERCHAMP - ILLU-STER
Via this link you get a 10% discount in the first month that you order from me, and it also has an advantage for me, because I don't have to pay a commission to Orderchamp. Win win!

Thanks for being such a lovely customer and good tidings to you all!




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